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If you are an SME* located in Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly – the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Investment Fund (CIOSIF) could provide the funding you need to help your business realise its potential.

CIOSIF is a collaboration between the British Business Bank and the Local Enterprise Partnerships (CIOS LEP) and provides commercially focussed finance to help SME’s start -up and grow.

CIOSIF combines £40 million of funding from the UK Government and the European Regional Development Fund to help businesses in the region to scale-up and become a successful part of the government’s Cornwall and Isles of Scilly vision.

We offer two different funding options designed to plug gaps in the provision of commercially available finance, ranging from £25,000 Loans to £2million Equity Investments.

Investment from CIOSIF-supported product funds is open to a wide range of sectors from early stage innovative businesses through to manufacturing and creative and digital industries. If you can demonstrate growth potential, your business may be eligible. **See below for exceptions

* An SME is a business employing fewer than 250 employees, with an annual turnover of less than 50m Euros or balance sheet net assets of less than 43m Euros. The business cannot be part of a larger group employing more than 249 employees and where the group owns at least a 25% share of the business.
** CIOSIF-sourced funding cannot be used to invest in businesses in the following sectors: property development, ship building and agriculture. In addition it cannot be used re-finance existing commercial borrowing or help failing businesses.

Funding Options

• £25,000- £1m

• Up to £2million

Who can apply?

To be eligible for funding from an CIOSIF-support product fund, an SME must have a material part of its operations, staffing or trading based in the CIOSIF area (or plan to establish such a presence within 2 years.

Eligible businesses may include:

  • New start-ups
  • Early stage companies
  • Fast-growing small businesses
  • Established SMEs
  • Small businesses looking to relocate in the North of England
  • Businesses unable to source funding from banks or investors

CIOSIF’s appointed Fund Manager will be able to provide more detailed guidance on eligibility for funding.

Why apply?

CIOSIF’s product funds can provide funding options that can boost your business needs, for example by:

  • Funding expansion projects
  • Leasing new commercial premises
  • Making asset acquisitions
  • Hiring a new team
  • Purchasing new machinery or equipment
  • Exporting abroad
  • Filling gaps in working capital

How to apply

  1. Find a fund manager at
  2. Make an enquiry directly to the fund manager
  3. The fund manager will contact you to see if your business qualifies
  4. You make a formal application
  5. The fund manager evaluates your application and makes the investment decision
    If you or your client is based in the north please visit for finance options or for midlands based businesses.

Find Out More

If you would like to meet with CIOSIF's appointed Fund Manager to talk in more detail please go to Funds Available to find the Fund Manager operating in your area


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Just add your details below to receive the latest Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Investment Fund news and information